Our History

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Wangaratta Woollen Mills was officially opened in August 1923 by the then Premier of Victoria, Hon. Wightman Lawson M.L.A. The mill produced high quality worsted yarns and was soon acknowledged to be the most progressive spinner of high quality knitting yarns, becoming Australia's largest mainland mill.

Since that date, Wangaratta Woollen Mills has had many changes take place. In the early 70’s staff numbers reached 500 before import tariffs and competition from imported yarns started to have a drastic effect. Many Australian companies started to source their materials from overseas and local mill jobs were lost. Staff numbers were quickly reduced to around 200.

The 80’s and 90’s saw the beginning of a new direction for the Wangaratta Woollen Mills when it was renamed Australian Country Spinners and acquired the brands Cleckheaton, Panda Yarns, Patons Australia and Shepherd of New Zealand.

In 2017 Australian Country Spinners was purchased by Bendigo Woollen Mills. Wangaratta Woollen Mills has since had its original name reinstated and also its original purpose – to be a wholly Australian owned and operated spinning mill which produces the finest quality commercial and hand knitting yarns.

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