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The Mill Shop is CLOSED until further notice. We are trading online or over the phone only.



The Wangaratta Woollen Mills can create a custom worsted yarn from your fibre, or ours, to your requirements. 

  • We have the ability to spin worsted commercial yarns between 40 to 300 tex.
  • Spin hand knitting yarns between 2 and 12 ply. Finer or thicker plys quoted on request.
  • Dye commercially processed yarn, from 5 kg to 420 kg.
  • Dye commercially processed top, from 30 kg to 240 kg.
  • We offer a complete project service. From spinning through to labelling.
  • Bulk undyed yarn sales. Minimum quantities apply.

Product can be supplied on cones, hanks or balls.

Minimum project quantity is 120 kg.


  • Sheep
  • Alpaca (Huacaya and Suri)
  • Llama
  • Mohair
  • Wool blends. We can blend two or more types of fibre to create your own custom yarn.



  • Staple length: Staple lengths should be consistent throughout the supplied fibre to ensure a consistent final yarn. Our machines can spin staple lengths between 70 - 120mm. 
  • Micron consistency: Avoid mixing fine and coarse micron fleece together.
  • Minimal vegetable matter: Any excessive vegetable matter will increase wastage during the scouring, top processing and spinning stages.
  • All fibre provided for projects must be commercially scoured and combed to industry standards by a third party. We can provide a list of contacts who are able to prepare your fleece for spinning.

These requirements are a guideline to ensure a consistent and quality finished product. We want you to be satisfied with your final product.

**We reserve the right to halt a spinning project due to excessive vegetable matter, poor fibre quality or unsuitable staple lengths.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the absolute best quality yarn and service to ensure total satisfaction.

CONTACT US for more information and to discuss your custom spinning project requirements.